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Wireless Networking - network is everywhere you are

Are you moving around your home office with your laptop? Would you like to stay connected to the Internet and your printers anywhere around your offcie or home? Here is the solution we can help you implement.

The EtherFast Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Router provides the ideal solution for connecting your wireless network to a high-speed broadband Internet connection and a 10/100 Fast Ethernet backbone. Configurable as a DHCP server for your existing network, the EtherFastr Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Router acts as the only externally recognized Internet gateway on your local area network (LAN) and serve as an Internet NAT firewall against unwanted outside intruders. The Router can also be configured to filter internal users' access to the Internet.

A typical router relies on a hub or a switch to share its Internet con-nection, but the Linksys EtherFastr
Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Router channels this connection through the blazing, full duplex speed of its built-in EtherFastr 10/100 4-Port Switch. This cutting-edge combination of wireless router and switch technology eliminates the need to buy an additional hub or switch and extends the range of your wireless network. Now your entire wireless network can enjoy blazing broadband Internet connections supported by its robust switched backbone. With the dual-function speed and power of the EtherFastr Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Router, your network will take off at speeds faster than you ever imagined possible.

-- Build a Wireless Broadband Network in Your Home or Small Office with Just One IP Address
-- Interoperable with IEEE 802.11b (DSSS) 2.4GHz-Compliant Equipment
-- NAT Firewall to Protect Your PCs From Outside Intruders
-- Provides Roaming, Best Access Point Selection, Load Balancing, and Network Traffic Filtering
-- Supports a High Data Rate Up to 11 Mbps
-- Long Operating Range Supports 91m (Indoors) and 457m (Outdoors)
-- Capable of up to 128-Bit WEP Encryption
-- MAC Address Filtering
-- Connects to a Broadband Modem, a 10/100 Ethernet Backbone or Wireless Network
-- Configurable Through Your Networked PC's Web Browser
-- Supports IPSec Pass-Thru and PPTP
-- Internal 4-Port Switch Dramatically Speeds Up Your Gaming and Multimedia Connections
-- Able to Act as a DHCP Server for Your Existing Network
-- Administrators Can Block Specific Internal Users' Internet Access with Filtering
-- Free Technical Support-24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week for North America Only
-- 1-Year Limited Warranty

Wireless Networking - Linksys Wireless Access Point
Go wireless!
Linksys Wireless 4-Port Cable/DSL Router...(more)

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